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Assuring Product Safety

Colgate-Palmolive pledges to all our consumers that they can use our products secure in the knowledge that these products are safe. We have a responsibility to assure that every product we sell has been evaluated thoroughly for both its intended use as well as for instances of accidental misuse. We believe that our consumers expect that Colgate-Palmolive will subject its products to rigorous safety evaluations before we bring them to the marketplace. Every product we manufacture and sell in the more than 200 countries where our products are marketed is subjected to thorough safety assessments at every step of the development process.

Colgate scientists carefully evaluate all ingredients, their interactions and the effects for both intentional use and accidental misuse. Once the product is confirmed safe, it is then tested for efficacy and any possible adverse effects of usage. Colgate scientists also develop appropriate instructions and any warning information that appears on the label of our finished products.

As clearly described in our Product Safety Research Policy, the Company complies with, and often exceeds, applicable government rules and regulations in the formulation, manufacture, labeling and marketing of our products. Colgate also provides immediate assistance to consumers in the event of product tampering or misuse via contact information listed on product labels.


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