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Encouraging Education and Training
Encouraging Education and Training

Colgate places significant emphasis on education and training in order to meet its business needs and advance the personal development of individual employees. In order to build skills for all 38,100 employees, Colgate offers a global curriculum of more than 150 courses in more than 25 different languages. Courses are taught in the classroom, on the job and through e-learning.

While the training programs cover a wide range of topics, all courses are based on a philosophy that encompasses four main principles: all courses are Colgate-specific; they share best practices; they have a practical work application and they are taught by Colgate leaders who are certified as trainers after completing professional training courses. Overall, employees complete an average of 40 hours of training per year.

Each year, approximately 20 early-in-career individuals, representing all divisions and regions, are selected to participate in Colgate's Leadership Challenge program. Participants spend a week at the Company's corporate headquarters in New York, where they work on team projects and interact with senior executives.

Colgate people enroll in courses specific to their needs. Some, such as "Valuing Colgate People," are mandatory for all, while others are required based on job functions. A wide range of elective courses offer leadership development courses, general business courses and more technical programs in the areas of Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Research and Development, Information Technology, Customer Development and Supply Chain.


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