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Respect for People
Respect for People
At Colgate, people are at the heart of everything we do.

Colgate people, consumers, business partners, shareholders and other stakeholders are vital to Colgate's success and future growth. Our continued commitment to the people we serve and the people we work with is one of reliability and trust.

Colgate People

Our 38,100 employees around the globe are key to our success. Learn why we value and support diversity, read our code of conduct, explore our Professional Development programs and discover the many programs at Colgate designed to keep our employees and their families healthy and happy. Click here to read more.

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A consumer-centric focus helps us to create great products that enhance lives. Find out how we've come to understand the consumers' needs, how we assure their safety and why responsible advertising is so important. Click here to read more.

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Business Partners

More than 90% of Colgate products are made in Colgate facilities. Learn about our Global Contract Manufacturing Standards initiated to guarantee enhanced quality and safety standards for each of our outside suppliers. Click here to read more.

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We value our close shareholder relationships. Explore company information including annual reports, investor tools, company news and SEC filings. Click here to read more.

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Learn how we balance the needs of employees, shareholders, consumers, suppliers, regulators and community groups. Plus, discover some of the external partners we turn to for continued company improvement. Click here to read more.

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Colgate proudly continues its long-standing commitment to the communities we work in globally. Learn why we chose health, education and natural resources as areas of focus and read about specific programs designed to help in each category. Click here to read more.

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Operating Responsibly in Emerging Markets

Good business practice is more important than ever with 43% of Colgate business occurring in emerging markets. Learn how we help create healthy work environments and affordable, quality products for those in low-income, developing nations. Click here to read more.

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